5 Cool Things

A bit mash up this time round



We’ve got a ‘Mash Up’ theme to this weeks 5 Cool Things, looking back over the last year at a few good examples of how brands have used API feeds from different sources to create something new and innovative.

Volkswagen get LinkedIn

Linked In opened their API earlier in the year and Volkswagen in Holland were the first to use it to build a branded experience. ‘Nogal vol van zichzelf’ (‘Quite full of himself’) uses the system to measure arrogance. Challenge your network (who has the most connections? recommendations?) and your avatars head swells with each win.

Foursquare Location Fun

Foursquare allows for rich streams of location data to be passed back for use in all sorts of creative ways.  German dog food makerGranataPet created a check-in controlled billboard that dispenses product sample, Nokia have created check in based gifting machines and Foursquaropoly is a concept using check ins as a new way to play Monopoly.

Twitter Technology

There have been a wealth of great campaigns powered by just a 140 characters. Last Christmas Samsung customized wrapping paper with Tweets as part of their Boosted campaign, and Volkswagen invited to people to a Twitter powered treasure hunt mash up with Google Maps.

Maps, maps, maps…

Google Maps has enabled brands to mesh location and real time with rich features like Street View to create quite interesting experiences. Recently, Volkswagen have tracked the progress of their new car with the BlueMotion Roulette and Mercedes have created a new world and interactive game within Street View with Escape the Map.

Making Music

Both Spotify and Youtube give the ability to mash up social data with a catalogue of music. Spotisquare is a neat blend that lets users check music in to locations and Forage builds a personalized music playlist for you, based on the people you follow on Twitter using Youtube videos.

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