5 Cool Things

Another weeks worth of interesting:


A big vision from Microsoft, a couple of nice bits of technology innovation, an emerging consumer behaviour and Nike pushing the boundaries of Projection Mapping make up this week’s 5 Cool Things. 


Microsoft’s vision of productivity in the future

Microsoft have created this future facing video, which visualises just how technology will make our lives easier and more productive in the times ahead. It looks at how devices seamlessly intergrate with one another and how content can flow freely between. Looking at the way things are moving and the astounding rate of progression, this vision may be a reality in the not too distant future.

Second Screen apps

People like to talk about event TV programmes. Smart Phones and Tablets have enabled them to do this whilst they are watching them. X Factor flooding Twitter at showtimes being the most potent example of this. The Zeebox iPad app and Yahoo’s IntoNow that launched last week are great examples of a new trend of apps that bring these conversations together around TV events. 

More Mind Control

Toyota have developed a concept bike in partnership with Parlee cycles, which enables the user to change gears using purely the power of thought. It uses a helmet that tracks brain impulses and turns them into actions that can shift the mechanics of the bike.

3D Projection Mapping goes Further

Projection Mapping outfits need to constantly evolve to make sure videos like the above are as consumable and sharable as possible. Nike have moved beyond just projecting on to iconic buildings and actually using water splashes synchronised with the 3D animation as the backdrop.

Turn anything into a touch a screen

Omnitouch have developed technology that combines Microsoft Kinect style sensing with a projection, meaning that virtually any surface can function as a touch screen. A great example of how this could be brought to life is in the iPhone 5 concept video, shame it was a fake.



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