5 Cool Things

I’ve started sending out these to the agency I work in, basically a weekly update of some of the more interesting  things (purportedly at least) happening in our world. I don’t really want this space to end up as a place to dump the content of others, that’s what tumblr is for (rohansix.tumblr.com).

What comes after Augmented Reality?

Hidden Creative have made a future facing concept video that looks at what might succeed Augmented Reality. Most importantly, AR is moving from marketing gimmick to functional technology and this video showcases just how overlayering interactive digital images on to real world environments can genuinely enhance situations.

Banners literally Deliver More

Great example of how a strategy can be simply articulated through an idea – Opel mini van’s are now bigger and have more space to they can literally deliver more, so they created a banner that delivered 2gb files across the web and thus showcasing the carrying potential of the van.

Facial Recognition Recommends Drinks Based on User Apperance

The Acure vending machine uses a facial recognition software to recommend which drink a customer should buy. The digital touchscreen display features a mounted camera that recognizes the sex and approximate age of the individual approaching the device, and uses this data to recommendations

Toronto is Trending

Excellent example of how data gathered from Social platforms can be visualised in real time whilst ensuring design and user experience stay front of mind. Toronto is Trending aggregates relevant conversations from Twitter and deals from local merchants, and overlays them across maps and videos of the city.

Mind Controlled Scalextric 

Agency B-reel have developed a Scalextric controller which is operated purely by reading brainwaves. The technology that sits behind is a stepping stone toward a world where physical interfaces are not required to control machines. Maybe we will incorporate this type of technology into our analytics in future!



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